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Pack excitement and whimsy into your travels the moment you check in. At these unique destinations, your hotel is the adventure. Sleep under the magical glow of the northern lights, cozy up in a traditional Kyrgyz village, or live out your childhood dreams in a rain forest tree house. A unique stay anyway, with its beach villas on a remote island surrounded by pristine waters.
An extraordinary place to stay, debuted a two-story, three-bedroom undersea residence with a modern, domed design and 24-hour butler service. Choices include an abode that looks like a humongous bird’s nest, one shaped like a UFO, and the reflective “Mirrorcube.”
If you’re more interested in finding out what it’s like spend the night in a real-life igloo, particularly for their unobstructed view of aurora borealis. For the true igloo experience sans quotation marks, however, opt for one of the property’s dozens of actual snow igloos, where you’ll find calm, quiet, and a sleeping bag to keep you toasty in the room’s below-freezing temperature.

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Dive into an amazing sensory experience where design meets comfort to offer excellent memories from start to finish of your stay. Have fun, rest, and relax in your accommodation, in the spa, on the water slide, or in the rooftop pool, which is known throughout the world for its stunning views. The ultimate honeymoon splurge, lottery winners and millionaires alike will have no problem squandering money on this luxurious stay. Take underwater hotel rooms to the next level in the Maldives. The room not only comes with a private chef, butler, and trainer, but the underwater glass suite boasts 180° views that make guests feel like they’re sleeping in a private aquarium. If, on the other hand, you enjoy safari tours, you should try this intimate connection with gorgeous giraffes, which people are invited to oblige board and even chaffered vehicles. It’s the ideal one-of-a-kind escape for individuals in search of some alone time with nature.

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Cool, interesting, and unique hotels exactly how to define it offer customers a true escape one of the most unique hotel rooms on the planet. Your bucket list deserves more than four walls of the same old boring hotel stay. There is no shortage of eccentric and interesting hotels throughout the world, from staying in a historic lighthouse to sleeping in a library book shelf.