Management Staff

Meet the Team


Primaditya Riesta (Ita)

Indonesia Country Representative / Corporate Communications Manager

Ita is a Master’s Degree Holder in Business Administration as well as a Certified Human Resource Professional who excels in Corporate Communication, Global Recruitment, Office Operational Management, Corporate Accounts and Budgeting, and Indonesian Corporate Permissions. With her skills in business and people management, she currently holds the fort in’s operations in Indonesia.


Nadiah Athifah (Nadiah)

Business News and Current Affairs Analyst

Nadiah is an accomplished Bachelor’s Degree holder in English Literature. Having had experience as a Newsroom Executive and Administrator, Nadiah has her finger on the pulse of global business news and events. With her passion for research and creative writing, Nadiah constantly updates the international member base on current events and industry news via emails and weekly newsletters.


Hilda Averina (Hilda)

Product Concept Design Specialist

Hilda holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design and is the Awardee of Asia Young Designer Award (Indonesia, 2018). With over 5 years of experience in creating design concepts, creative thinking, product planning, managing & scheduling design projects, Hilda now plays a vital role in designing new services and products for With her hands-on approach and unique ideas, Hilda leads the Design Team.


Septian (Ian)

Videographer / Program Editor

A Bachelor of Psychology who has excellent skills in photography, videography, audio design and editing, Ian joined with years of experience working with some of the biggest names in the Indonesian Art Industry. With his exceptional logical thinking skills coupled with working experience in film-making, photo directing and script writing, Ian plays a very important role in the company’s growth and expansion plans as well as the outreach programs.


Vandro Aldilla (Vandro)

Business Analysis & Development Manager / Corporate Trainer

With over 7 years of experience, professionally driving business growth and generating revenue through client relations, market research, and growth project management, Vandro is heading the Business Development Department at Fluent in English, Bahasa Indonesia and French, he works on building profitable partnerships to ensure the year-on-year growth of the Company. Vandro also conducts intensive training programs for all new hires.


Sofwandoro Tri Saputro (Sofwan)

Marketing Manager

Results-driven and proactive, Sofwan is an experienced business development and marketing professional. In his role, Sofwan does an extensive amount of product and market research and produces effective and strategic marketing campaigns. Managing his team and over-seeing all stages of these campaigns, Sofwan utilizes his ability to multi-task in fast paced environments to create a greater reach for the business.


Jennifer Virginia Cahyadi (Jennifer)

Research and Database Analyst

Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s degree in Material Physics and has a strong passion in entrepreneurship. Highly skilled in critical thinking, analysis, communication, marketing, and data entry, Jennifer works very closely with the Marketing and Product Design teams to ensure that all products and services rolled out are in-line with current market standards and exceed consumers requirements.


Sheila Wildanum (Sheila)

Events & Public Relations Manager

Sheila, a Full-Scholarship Awardee with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature, is an experienced Public Relations professional. With proven excellence in project and event management, Sheila manages the PR and Events Team in, promoting the brand thru creative global events. Having established a very strong base of UHNW clients, Sheila is bent on scaling the business to reach greater heights.


Ella PerezRiri Lazzoria Eka Putri (Riri)

Membership Manager / CRM Specialist

Riri holds a Master’s degree in Innovation and Technology Management and thoroughly enjoys human interaction. As a Membership Manager and CRM Specialist, Riri is constantly in touch with’s members, managing their accounts to ensure that their needs are met. With a drive to make a positive impact on the global business community, Riri always goes the extra mile for the members under her care.


Izaz Farandy (Izaz)

Advertising Manager

Izaz comes from an architectural background as a Graduate in Architecture who is excellent in space planning, architecture, and interior design with technical and design concept knowledge. Utilizing his abilities, experience and creative ideas, Izaz now creates innovative and thought provoking advertising campaigns for


Andhika Bayangkara (Dhika)

Sales Manager

Dhika comes equipped with a few years experience in Sales and Marketing with a few large companies. With his never-say-die attitude and acute problem solving skills, Dhika is well suited to meet the needs of’s global client base. Fantastic in organizational management, he has led the Sales Team in reaching their KPIs as well as set benchmarks in service standards.


Steven Hendry (Steven)

Software Development Engineer / Algorithm and AI Research Analyst

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with Specialization in Game Application & Technology, Steven, is an experienced game designer, professional gamer and content provider. His ability to design and develop gaming and CRM software has earned him international recognition. Artificial Intelligence being one of his passions has opened up various avenues for him to keep at the forefront of advanced next-generation technology.


Amanda Xu (Amanda)

China Country Representative / Human Resource Manager

Amanda is a degree holder in International Business Management, with seven years of experience in HR and Business Administration with businesses in East and Southeast Asia, especially in China, Indonesia, and Thailand. Being highly skilled in procurement and logistics from China to other countries as well as in people management, Amanda is heading the operations in China.


Nina Qiu (Nina)

Social Media Manager

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Business English, Nina Qiu is a proven marketing professional with a strong business accumen. Her ability in article writing, social media management and content creation have proven to be invaluable to the company. Highly skilled in time management and workflow planning, Nina manages the operations of all the social media channels of


Juno Luo (Juno)

Web Master / SEO Strategist

Juno is a Bachelor’s Degree Holder in Multimedia Design and Production who has mastered computer design theory and skills. With his years of working experience, he combines traditional design methods with modern multimedia technology. Juno emphasises on practicality via systematic innovative techniques and this is evident in his mass media productions and website designs. Juno also creates strategies to keep the company’s businesses in the forefront of web searches.