Global Chamber Expo 2023

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Skyhigh.vip’s Concierge Arm has firm collaborations with over 15,000 international partners & vendors. With strategic placement of service staff in over 20 offices located in most major cities across the globe, Skyhigh.Vip is well positioned to service its growing number of both private and corporate members beyond their business and lifestyle expectations.

Skyhigh.vip’s Concierge Management Department has been a major service provider for hotels, malls and entertainment outlets all over the world through its proprietary training and service management programs and contracts.

For over two decades, Skyhigh.vip forged strong bonds with over 15,000 industry partners and vendors around the globe across more than 20 major cities. This stellar result was achieved even before the introduction of blockchain technology into our business. In today’s tumultuous economy, Skyhigh.vip deems it essential to ride on the tides of technology. The decision to adopt blockchain technology is a natural next step in our roadmap to better aid our clients to achieve excellence.
The Global Chamber Expo is an international gathering for chambers of commerce,


Members of Skyhigh.Vip are generally busy professionals; C-suite executives and achievers whose typical week would often involve global or regional travel to manage their organizations. Sometimes, relocation to a new city becomes inevitable in order to engage new markets. We understand that time is of absolute essence to our members. Skyhigh.vip aims to create time for our clients in their pursuit of excellence, without compromising on their quality of life.
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Skyhigh.Vip is an exclusive members-only Concierge and Lifestyle club. Membership is acquired on the blockchain as a Non-Fungible-Token (NFT). Token holders get to enjoy the wide collection of luxurious global concierge services in all the major cities in the world, be it to enhance their lifestyle or for business purposes.
Enhance your lifestyle with Skyhigh.vip. With more than 15,000 industry partners, an extensive range of luxury awaits you, wherever you may be, whenever you need to be.

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