Living in wide spaces
on top of skyscrapers
with uninterrupted views of the city

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Anyone who’s ever spent time living in New York City knows sometimes you have to look up to get away from it all. And in many apartment buildings, there’s nowhere higher, more luxurious, or more expensive than the penthouse, located at the top of the building. 

Often complete with luxury amenities, unobstructed views, and outdoor space, the penthouse units of luxury buildings in New York, San Francisco, downtown Los Angeles, and elsewhere are the cream of the real estate crop.

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How much does it cost to live in a penthouse apartment?

While the actual sticker price varies from city to city, it’s hard to find an inexpensive penthouse apartment, whether you’re renting or buying. Because it costs more than the other units in the building, a typical luxury penthouse often also comes equipped with luxury amenities like floor-to-ceiling windows, a private elevator, and private outdoor space.

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As Definition of Penthouse Evolves

A penthouse is defined as a structure that is set back from the outer walls on the upper levels of a building. Used more loosely, the term can refer to any top floor unit (even if it’s not set back). Real estate developers and agents even push the usage of the term to include units on one of the top floors (even if it’s not the very top).