A meeting is a gathering where minutes are collected and hours are lost

Meeting Room

Hallmarks of Meeting Room Space

Meeting rooms come in various sizes; they can be small to accommodate two people undertaking an interview or a large number of people for a product launch. Meeting rooms in Hotels and Conference centers can usually be booked by the hour, half day or full day. Venues will be able to provide refreshments and lunch if required for delegates throughout the day.

Roles Meeting Room Play

It is said by some that poorly run meetings are a waste of time, failing to generate ideas and unfortunately far too higher percentage are ineffectual. Some analysis’s estimate up to 50% of meeting time is wasted. It is therefore essential that the meeting room is the appropriate size for the number of attendees and the right configuration that the chairs are comfortable and there are no external distractions.

What are its benefits?

High resolution video and video streaming improve productivity and the collaboration experience, especially for remote workers. Design features that encourage employee wellness should be included in modern conference rooms. Natural light, plants, vivid colors, and soundscaping. Packages that may include a camera, display, microphone, and sound bar will be a popular-and easy-way to outfit smaller conference rooms in the future.

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Small is Big

5 Meeting Room Trends



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The Future of Meeting Room

For businesses and employees around the world, remote work is more than just a trend. The Work From Anywhere movement is steadily growing as more people are working remotely. A smart meeting room is an intelligent space that integrates hardware and software in the meeting room itself to create an incredibly productive meeting experience for participants, whether they’re joining the meeting from the office or remotely.