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Daemyung Housing was established in 1979. The recreational corporation Daemyeong Resorts operates sixty-three holes of golf at three distinct locations, with all but eighteen of those courses open to the public. Del Pino is a pay-and-play 18-hole golf course in Sokcho, in the far northeast of Gangwon-do. Vivaldi Park Country Club is an hour’s drive north of the city, near the Vivaldi Park ski resort, under the shadow of Mount Palbongsan. There are twenty-seven holes (nine of which are public) in use here. Sono Felice Country Club, located less than three kilometers to the north, has another 18-hole public course. Sono Felice, designed by Orange Engineering, is a mountain course with two repeating circuits, the Healing nine and the Eco nine. Highlights include the double doglegged 620-metre par five third on the Healing loop and the right doglegged 514-metre fourth on the Eco nine, both of which include substantial water hazards.

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9th Hole Healing Course

The nicest rounding from the top extends all the way to the horizon. The longest Par 5s hole with a beautiful scenery that you may want to try a power shot. A right dog-leg hall with gentle uphill that requires calmed tee shot due to bunkers on both sides. It is a strategic hall that requires the landing position of the tee shot in accordance with own driving distance. Need to choose a direction of tee shot due to a bunker situated at the center of the fairway.

9th Hole Eco Course

The Eco Course’s first hall. It has a downhill slope on the right and stimulates slice if you want to go far. Ideal for attacking the left side of the fairway and starting comfortably if not overly aggressive. A strategic dog-leg hall that is located around a large hazard that necessitates a long driving distance as well as precise directivity to clear the hazard. Because of the downhill slope, attacking the right side of the fairway reduces the risk of clearing the hazard on the second shot. Longest Par 4s that increased the desire to test one’s driving ability. There are bunkers on both sides of the fairway, so a precise tee shot is required. In order to account for the wind effect, precise directivity is required.

Golf Courses

The Sono Felice cc is one of the most spectacular golf courses in the world, with a course length of 6,630m and a total area of 1,322,655㎡. The lush green meadows and lakes that can be seen comfortably through the thick greenery unfold the beautiful masterpieces of Mt. Palbongsan. Experience your own optimal rounding in a world that touches the sky and goes to your dreams, in a place that no one can easily jump over.

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Sono Felice's class is different since the class of the consumer is different.

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Sono Felice’s class is different since the class of the consumer is different. Enjoy an honorable lifestyle at Sono Felice’s high-class facilities, which are truly created to highlight the value of their customers. Your life becomes art the moment you meet Sono Felice. Sono Felice will greet you with distinguished service, ensuring that your stay is both comfortable and valuable. You can also enjoy SonoFelice’s first-rate service at CC, where you can maintain your composure and dignity. You will have the best round with the backdrop of exquisite masterpieces of the luxuriance of the meadow and peacefully glowing lake, as well as Palbong Mountain. We cordially invite you to SonoFelice CC, an esteemed lifestyle center.

Prestigious and premium on the top of Maebong Mountain, exclusive for you where nature human and golf exquisitely harmonize.

Del Pino Golf & Resort

Del Pino Golf & Resort is a place where East Sea and the Seorak range’s grandeur can be seen in Ulsanbawi Rock. Del Pino Golf & Resort which shows different images in accordance with seasons has various facilities like convenient rooms, golf course, and aqua world and etc. Del Pino Golf & Resort where nature’s beauty coexists will make your relaxation affluent.

The most perfect relaxation in the middle of the unexplored scenery of Seorak. Enjoy a classy rest and relaxation with the best views including the private Sono Felice check-in lounge, a fantastic infinity pool on the 11th floor, and a hot spring water park enjoyed by the whole family.

Del Pino Golf & Resort is a place where East Sea and the Seorak range’s grandeur can be seen in Ulsanbawi Rock.