living in glorious spaces
on top of medieval buildings
with culture of the kingdom era


Modern architecture, skyscrapers, and other perfectly symmetrical buildings spring up like mushrooms after the rain. However, it is not everyday that we get the chance to see grandiose medieval buildings that reflect the culture and vibration of the ages they’ve seen passing by.

These are the real source of inspiration. Some are lucky enough to live in them with their families, as some castles have been perfectly looked after over centuries and have been passed on from generation to generation.

Mysterious artefacts




Enjoy the historical monuments

How much is the cost of living in a fairytale?

Castles owned by public bodies are occasionally sold, but the vast majority are privately owned. People will continue to want to purchase them as homes because they are special buildings and they don’t come on to the market often. The presence of some expenses necessitates the existence of adequate costs in order to sustain and develop the function of the castile.

real-life treasure hunting


Castles were designed to house people centuries ago, which means they don’t have the comforts or layouts that we are used to today. They are not easy buildings to extend, as the walls can be three meters thick; access can be an issue, as they often have lots of stairs, most castles are listed, which means they are legally protected for their architectural and/or historic interest. If you want to carry out repairs, make alterations or add an extension, you must apply for listed building consent from your local planning authority.