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28th October 2022 Open for polling
1st July 2023 Polling close and start evaluation
26th August 2023 Evaluating close
23rd September 2023 Winner announce

What is Skyhigh.vip Business Excellence

About The Award

Skyhigh.vip has its own set of internationally benchmarked business excellence framework to provide businesses guidelines and insights as how to a specific business industry can improve itself base on overall business performance / indices.

When was it first introduced?

The Skyhigh.vip Business Excellence initiative was first introduced in 2014 as a recognition towards business/companies around the globe to strengthen their organisations’ capabilities and instill the mindset of organisational excellence.

How will it impact business?

While the Skyhigh.vip Business Excellence initiative acts as a recognition programme, the overall mindset and practice of business excellence remain real as the key elements of any organisational excellence are supported by various programmes, initiatives and awards administered by various vetting and industry partners from around the globe.



The CryptoVerse Award is presented in various categories. Click on the category names for more information.



Desire for the competition, interest in feedback, presentation of the submitted project, receiving a seal for communication, ... the reasons for participation are diverse. The CryptoVerse Award offers - after successful review of the submission - three levels: 1st Nominee, 2nd Winner and 3rd Best of the categories. But even if the review is negative, there is feedback for future optimization.

Nominee's Benefits

Additional Winner’s & Best of category Benefits


Schedule 2022/2023

Till date, over 500 organisations around the world are recognised through the Skyhigh.vip various awards and certifications schemes resulting in many companies leveraging on the Skyhigh.vip Business Excellence framework to strive for more robust standards and instill better management practices.

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Winner will get


x 3 years of Corporate Concierge Membership (Worth USD$5,400)


x 1 Trophy by Royal Selangor

Sticker decal

x 10 pcs sticker decal in B5 Size

Poster Frame in living room Psd Mockup


x 2 Original Hardcopy Certificate in B3 Size


USD$300 voucher to Outsource-Guru.com

Want to see indepth reviews of these clients?

Panel of Judges



Total number of winning recipients?


Recognition of award?


Nomination Fee?


Official Language used?


Countries eligible for nomination?


Type of Payment?

Crypto Wallet, Credit Card, Bank Transfer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nominees are nominated by a 3rd party thru our website during the nomination period which usually opens for 1 month and its open to the general public whom we does not restrict.

No, Being Nominated is only the first step of the journey to being awarded the winner as the next step will be to submit the various documents pertaining to the award for verification and finally being verified and selected by our panel of judges.

Our panel of judges are usually chosen from 3rd party source who are either within or not from the same industry as the award but they have to be person of good standing character with years of leadership or at least management level qualification.

Skyhigh.vip Business Excellence has strived hard over the years to push for greater transparency and accountability in the world of business and have firm partnership with university and business standards accreditation faculty globally.

Previously we have held graduation dinner celebration to thank all the sponsors, award recipient’s, panel of judges and all the guest at a country of interest but currently due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to put the dinner ceremony on-hold until further notice.

There are no other cost involve other than the nomination fee, this fee is paid for the administration and logistic department that is need to vet thru your documents as it will be sent in “confidential” to other panel of judges.

Yes, in the event yourself or your company is not selected to be the winner, you will be refunded within 15days once the result have been announced in full. Therefore there will be no financial loss to you.

We will contact you within the next 15days to have the artwork done and the next 15days to have the award and prize printed and finally another 15days to have it shipped over to you. Therefore it will take a total of 45days to have it sent over to you.


Nominate your friend's company or someone you know and stand to win USD$500 if they win the award