Be it for private indulgence or business, Skyhigh.vip offers our members the highest class of exclusivity that is being offered by any private club and the level of assistance and offerings are tailored to each member’s personal requirements.



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EXCLUSIVE Membership Sign Up for 3 Years Period
2 way air ticket / 2 Nights stay 5 star hotel / Limousine chauffeured airport 2 ways / Approx. 50 press release to media around Asia.

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ORDINARY Membership or TRADE Membership Sign Up for 2 Years Period
Enjoy a one night stay at the luxurious W Hotel at more than 50+ locations around the world.

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ORDINARY Membership Sign Up for 3 Years Period
Get USD$1,000 on board dining and shopping credit when you go on board any of Princess 17 Cruise ships around the world. USD$1,000 on board spending vouchers.

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ORDINARY Membership Sign Up for 2 Years Period
Bring your family to a day of fun-filled activities at any of the 4 Universal Studio around the world.

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ORDINARY Membership Sign Up for 3 Years Period
Pamper yourself to the award winning Banyan Tree that rejuvenate your soul and mind at its 57 resorts around the world. 2 Nights stay plus 2 Spa sessions.

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2 way air ticket / 3 nights stay at 5 star hotel / Limousine Chauffeured airport 2 ways.

Q. Why should I join a chamber of commerce ?

A. There are abundance of positive reasons to join a chamber of commerce and a good read will be from here https://www.businessstudent.com/topics/why-join-chamber-of-commerce/

Q. How established is the Chamber?

A. Our chamber has been in the industry for over 10 (ten) years and have built up a sizeable portion of good-standing members.

Q. Am i allowed to use the chamber Logo on my stationery and website ?

A. Yes, once you are a member, you are allowed to use it during the valid period.

Q. Where is Chamber Located ?

A. Our chamber has offices across 8 regions, operate in 45 countries and bases in 92 cities.

Q. Where does Chamber See itself in another 7 years time ?

A. It see itself as the number 1 chamber of commerce as the voice for the industry bringing about changes and evoking old practices.

Q. What are the main advantages of joining the chamber ?

A. There are lots of advantages in joining the chamber, but the main reasons given by long-time members are the recognition of being part of a prestigious chamber of commerce, the variety of tradeshows being organised and assisted by our chamber and the networking it brings along to meet with quality suppliers and clients.

Q. I am only a small based company and does not have any global experience, can i still join?

A. Yes, because our chamber will help to grow and motivate your business.

Q. After signing up with the chamber, what's the next course of action i need to do ?

A. Once you have signed up, a relationship manager will be attached to you and will give you a friendly call to find out certain area of your business, your clienteles and your sources and meanwhile there will be weekly updates on the latest trends happening in the market sent to your mail.

Q. What is the Return On Investment (ROI) should i join the chamber ?

A. We can say the ROI is almost immediately once you have joined our chamber as our service is far and wide as compared to other chambers.

Q. I need to find a business partner in another country, can the chamber help me ?

A. Yes , We have a corporate service team who will assist you in the business matching process.

Q. I need help in my marketing and expansion plan, can the chamber help me ?

A. Yes, We have an event team who will assist you in-terms of marketing and events needs.

Q. I have some trans-border legal issue that needs assistance, can the chamber help me ?

A. Yes, We have a Legal representation team who will represent you and seek the necessary help.

Q. At the last moment, we have to come out with a travel plan and itinerary for our business travel, can the chamber help me ?

A. Yes, We have a business concierge team who will assist you round the clock.

Q. Are all the services provided by the chamber chargable ?

A. Only those that requires third party will be chargable and rest assure the lowest rates will be given to members.


We want all our Members to enjoy an exciting luxury filled experience, with no holds barred.

With more than 300 staffs and our dedicated team of Managers, spanning across 8 regions, operating in 45 countries and based in 92 cities,we are confident in meeting your full expectations.


Chamber Of Commerce