Be it for private indulgence or business, Skyhigh.vip offers our members the highest class of exclusivity that is being offered by any private club and the level of assistance and offerings are tailored to each member’s personal requirements.


The Astronaut was chosen as a symbol known to men for pushing the boundaries to space. Likewise, SKYHIGH.VIP’s mission is to transcend its boundaries for its clients. The band equipment symbolises our clients’ numerous varied requests, performed in high complexity but delivered in a professional manner.

A funky yet professional approach displays SKYHIGH.VIP’s services to its clients. “The Sky is the limit” motto is in line withour services to our clients as we are not only limited to online concierge services but also offer a much broader spectrum of services with extras.

Partnering with over 30,000 Business Chambers and trusted by 27,895 companies worldwide since 1998

Chamber Of Commerce

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