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The European season is over and it’s goodbye to the motorhomes and trucks as the flyaways get back underway with the Singapore Grand Prix. Here’s why we love going racing at Marina Bay…

1. It looks amazing
We’ve been able to enjoy some spectacular sights in Formula 1 recently – a Ferrari driver standing on the podium at Monza for one – but you will be hard pushed to find a more awe-inspiring venue than the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore.

A real downtown street track, it looks incredible enough in daylight – but as F1’s only night race, it’s when the sun goes down that the venue really comes alive. Floodlighting ensures the drivers have no problems with vision, but it also makes for an amazing spectacle when the track is viewed from afar, with this bright outline of the circuit layout.

The track has a permanent section but largely utilises the city streets, with the backdrop of skyscrapers, the Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer observation wheel. There’s even part of the circuit that goes underneath a grandstand – not your everyday layout.

2. It’s a tough physical challenge for the drivers
Although the circuit is amazing for fans, the drivers will arrive in Singapore with a sense of trepidation because they are in for a tough weekend.

With 23 corners and a track length of over five kilometres, it’s a busy enough lap for the drivers as it is, but add in a high level of humidity and they’re really working hard behind the wheel. On top of that, the nature of a street circuit means the average speed is lower – despite a number of relatively long straights – and therefore this is a race that is often the longest of the season in terms of time.

Racing flat-out for two hours in 30-degree heat and high humidity is not an easy challenge, and drivers will train specifically for this event. If you’re fit enough to tackle the Singapore Grand Prix, then you’re fit enough for any other race on the calendar.

3. The schedule is unique
The conditions the drivers are racing in are so difficult despite the Grand Prix starting at 2030 local time and running until after 2200. While it might seem strange to be racing at such an hour, that translates to 1410 CET, so the whole F1 paddock remains on European time.

That means going to bed at around 5am and getting up in the early afternoon, so blackout curtains are essential for a full night’s sleep. Breakfast is served around 3 or 4pm at the track, while lunchtime is more like 8pm – and you’re thinking about dinner in the early hours.

The schedule does mean FP1 and FP3 take place before sunset, and therefore limit the amount of representative data the teams can gain from practice – which often leads to entertaining and unpredictable races – and also that it’s all taking place at a similar time to the European races, wherever in the world you’re following from.

“Enjoy Free complimentary 1 Day Walkabout Pass” – At all 27 Grand Prix Match across the globe
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The objective of a Formula 1 contest is to determine the winner of a race. The driver who crosses the finish line first after completing a pre-determined number of laps is declared the winner. Know more about F1 racing and its rules, regulations, contests and other details by reading further.


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