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Crisis Management

Everyday in our lives, we will face problems originating from different sources and situations. More often than not, those problems that affect us personally are usually the hardest ones to be dealt with.

After assisting numerous clients who have undergone personal management crisis, we have decided to provide some general guidelines and key pointers that we feel are worthy of notice.

Take Responsibility

Do not try to cover up as it will only worsen the situation

Be Proactive and Be transparent

In today's world, Personal Reputation ranks highest in the value scale

Get Ahead of the Story

Getting ahead of the story is a key factor in leading rather than being led

Be ready for social media backlash

If you are a person with reputation, be prepared for comments online

First Apologize then take action

Do not try to cover up as it will only worsen the situation

Monitor, Plan & Communicate

Be on the lookout for negative activity, have a solid contingency plan in hand and get your message across

Turn off the Fan

Don't fuel the fire. Take a walk in the other persons shoes and find the solution within

Be Prepared

Always anticipate potentially critical scenarios and establish internal protocols for handling them well

No matter how calm or prepared a person may be, when a situation arises,
it strikes like a tornado, sweeping you off the ground.
Personal Situational Crisis comes in many forms and ways such as
Personal Blackmailing / Online Stalking / Money Mule Scams / Marriage Scandals


Our Solution
SKYHIGH.VIP has years of experience advising and providing clients with solutions poised to solve any issue arising.

A team will be set-up immediately with 3 hours notice

• Lead Consultants Are Ex Police Force Detectives
• 100% Protection of Confidentiality
• 24/7 Standby

A detailed Situational Analysis will be performed within 3 hours

• Provide a Risk Assessment
• Evaluate Different Options
• Select the Best Solution
• Get the Job Done


• A team of bloggers will be in place to counter any response
• A team of PR Executives will be in place to write to the relevant webmaster
• Reputation Management Team will constantly be on the prowl for web updates