Be it for private indulgence or business, Skyhigh.vip offers our members the highest class of exclusivity that is being offered by any private club and the level of assistance and offerings are tailored to each member’s personal requirements.

Concierge Service

You are a busy person and looking for a solution to better manage your lifestyle. We hear you. Everyone wants more time and less stress. Engaging SKYHIGH.VIP will help you achieve just that. With more time on your hands, you can get on with the activities you would prefer doing, such as playing with your children, catching up with friends or focusing on your career.

As we serve you, we grow to learn more about your preferences, your family and things that really matter to you. Using this information, we are able to tailor make solutions for you, reduce your stress and anticipate your needs even before they materialize.

Join us and be a member of Skyhigh.vip


Members of SKYHIGH.VIP come from all walks of life, regardless of race, nationality, gender or income status and each with his or her own perception of their path in life.

Being an International Club, we have combined the best offerings of luxury products with the most exceptional legendary service that the world can offer, for our exclusive Members at SKYHIGH.VIP.

Partnering with over 30,000 Business Chambers and trusted by 27,895 companies worldwide since 1998

Chamber Of Commerce

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